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StackSocial offering 2013 summer Mac bundle with Parallels 8 for $49.99


StackSocial's 2013 summer Mac bundle is available for a few more days. This is a great deal if you don't have Parallels, and not a bad deal at all if you don't have two or three of the applications included in the bundle from StackSocial. Here's what's included in the Mac bundle:

  • Parallels 8 -- An excellent virtual machine for running Windows, Linux or just about any other desktop OS on your Mac.
  • Snagit -- If you need to record video of your desktop, or take pictures of elements and annotate them, Snagit is hands-down one of the best tools out there.
  • Typinator -- Do you keep typing the same stuff over and over again? Typinator takes care of this for you and includes some handy autocorrect to boot.
  • WinZip Mac -- Compression utilities are still useful, and WinZip includes encryption for compressed archives.
  • xPlan -- Project management! There are a number of robust applications for this out there, but for the price in this bundle you won't find any cheaper.
  • Jump Desktop -- Stay connected to other machines easily with this VNC tool.
  • Boom for Mac -- If you're tired of straining to hear audio on your Mac's tiny speakers, Boom will boost the audio significantly. I use this on YouTube videos that are just too quiet to hear in noisy environments.
  • Leap -- A Spotlight replacement of sorts, this one adds tags to files as well.
  • ColorStrokes -- Make photos "pop" by painting out the color in a photo for everything but one element.
  • Beginner digital photography course -- A lot of people buy DSLR cameras but never really understand how to properly use them. This course teaches you how.

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