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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever gone for a walk?

Anne Stickney

It takes approximately one hour to walk from the Shrine of Two Moons to the Throne of Thunder entrance. I know this, because my guild decided rather than going into a transmog frenzy of some sort yesterday, we'd just take a nice long walk to get to the raid. I didn't log on early enough for it, but managed to jump in about halfway through Townlong Steppes, plenty of time to enjoy the leisurely stroll. This isn't the first time I've had guildies do this -- back in vanilla, there was a rogue in my guild who decided one day to walk from Orgrimmar to Onyxia's Lair.

Oddly enough, it was a nice, relaxing stroll. Being footbound wasn't really that bad at all. In fact, we had plenty of time to soak in all of Pandaria's gorgeous scenery and listen to the in game music while we strolled -- something that not everyone tends to do. It was a nice break from the usual frenetic pace of that leveling/gearing/raiding treadmill that so many players -- including myself -- tend to fall into over the course of an expansion. In short, it was really fun!

I'm curious though, how many people indulge in simply walking from one location to another. Even in the days of vanilla and no mount to be found until level 40, players still tended to run everywhere. I'd really forgotten until the trek my guild took exactly how nice it can be to just take a stroll and smell the flowers. Have you ever taken your character on a walk? Is it something you'd consider doing? Does the idea of walking from one location to another sound silly to you?

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