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Dragon's Prophet update brings Wintertide and new level cap


Sony Online Entertainment's Dragon's Prophet beta has just receive a big update in the form of Wintertide, a snowy, chilly region packed with new content and more than a few bits of lore to discover. The expansion also brings three new dungeons that feature new enemy types and bosses, along with a fourth dungeon recommended only for players confident in their dungeoning abilities.

Players can now quest, kill, and loot their way to level 70, and a new feature known as the Dragon Chamber has been added to allow players to keep an additional 96 dragons in their stables. Also new in the beta: a secret floating island housing option, Dragon Sanctuaries for guilds, new achievements and emotes, and guild storage.

If you're curious about Wintertide, you can check it out yourself or tune in for the next Scales and Tales livestream on the official Dragon's Prophet Twitch channel at 5 p.m. EDT this Friday.

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