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Evernote and Skitch for Android updated with new annotation features

Sarah Silbert

There's a double dose of good news for Evernote users on Android this morning: both the Evernote and Skitch apps have been updated with several new features. On the Evernote side, users will now be able to edit attached Office documents (previously they could only be viewed) using the OfficeSuite app, and the homescreen widget now offers list view for notes, quick reminders and support for Jelly Bean's lockscreen.

For the more visually oriented Skitch app, the update brings Premium users the ability to annotate attached PDFs -- a feature that's already available on the Mac version. Notably, all Skitch users will get a 30-day previews of the PDF mark-up functionality; all the better to make the switch to Premium more appealing, we imagine. More productivity features are pretty much always a good thing, so Android users will definitely want to download the latest versions via the respective source links below.

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