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Lose your life and your wallet with ArcheAge's new dragon and cash shop

MJ Guthrie

If you thought you were safe from giant bosses in ArcheAge if you avoided sailing, think again. XLGAMES' latest update introduced a massive red dragon to harass the landlubbers like the kraken does the seafarers. Massive, scaly, and with breath that can incinerate adventurers, this dragon might just drop in on your party whether invited or not.

Also included in this latest update is the new cash shop. In a unique twist, players wishing to browse through and buy the wares visit an actual in-game shopping mall in the Market District. There are no generic icons to pour over, but full-scale items on display instead. Shoppers can peruse different departments filled with clothing, animals, gliders, even cars.

Want a glimpse of the dragon before it lands on your head? Or need a tour of the mall before you lose yourself -- and your funds -- in it? Then take a look at the two videos below courtesy of, and head to the site for more in-game footage of a dragon fight.

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