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Bing updates autosuggest categories, gussies up your vague search parameters


Having a hard time finding something on the internet? You're probably doing it wrong -- at least that seems to be Microsoft's supposition. The company has recently revised its Bing autosuggest categories to help users find the correct search parameters for the content they're looking for. The idea is to eliminate erroneous results by suggesting more specific search terms up front. Asking Bing for information on Harry Potter, for instance, presents users with a number of options separated by category: the films, the character itself or the literary series that kicked off the franchise. Selecting one amends the original search with more specific parameters: selecting the book adds "wikipedia" to the end of the string, while selecting a film from the series tweaks adds the movie's full name to the search heading. A simple tweak? Absolutely, but one that could help vague Bing users get off of Microsoft's landing page and on with their lives.

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