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Granado Espada preps Bristia Season 2 update


Granado Espada is preparing to fire up the engines to its second season of the Bristia expansion next week. Bristia Season 2 is scheduled for July 24th and has a new recruitable character, new area, and plenty of additional surprises. Well, they won't remain surprises if you read the rest of this article, so it's your choice.

The new recruit is Olivia, a traitor and spy who likes to do her fighting up close and personal. Olivia uses light armor and attacks furiously with fists and daggers. You'll have to finish up the first part of Bristia in order to get her to join your team, however.

Bristia Season 2 will also include a new haunted field map called the Scar, retuned stats, new elite weapons, improvements to character buffs, and a continuation of the storyline.

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