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Patch 5.4 PTR: New pets and fun minor glyphs


Perculia and the Wowhead team have been very busy digging up some great new things on the patch 5.4 PTR. First up, they've found a total of seventeen new pets, in icon form rather than model form at this point, alas, but rest assured that Wowhead will have models up as soon as they're available. And in the meantime, we can leave it to your fertile imaginations, dear readers.

Patch 54 PTR New pets and fun minor glyphsSo which of the seventeen new pets Wowhead discovered are we the most excited about? Matt Rossi seems to be pretty excited about the Kovok battle pet, of the big bug in the header image, who can be found in the Derad Wastes. His battle pet equivalent, Kovi-Wovi, sounds a good deal more adorable. The Blackfuse Bombling sounds fantastic, I'm really liking the semi-industrial goblin look of the new bosses such as Siegemaster Blackfuse, and this pet sounds like it'll be in the same vein. The Dandelion Frolicker as tweeted by Senior Designer Jonathan LeCraft looks flatly adorable, and there's something about the name "Skunky Alemental" that makes me smile.

The glyphs look pretty great too, and as someone who mains a shaman, I am very excited about the Glyph of Rain of Frogs! I am currently spearheading a campaign to have this convert your Healing Rain into a Healing Rain.... of Frogs. Other than that, mages will likely be thrilled at the appearance of a glyph to shrink your water elemental, as well as one to make it bigger. The druid Glyph of One with Nature also sounds highly entertaining.

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