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Atlus parent company selling operations, publishing plans are 'unaffected'


Atlus parent company Index is preparing to sell off its subsidiary operations after recently filing for Japan's equivalent of bankruptcy protection, Bloomberg reports. Atlus USA's day-to-day operations are, for the moment, unaffected by Index's financial woes, so those of you looking forward to Dragon's Crown or Etrian Odyssey Untold can breathe easy.

"Our games are still shipping on time," Atlus PR manager John Hardin said. "Dragon's Crown will be releasing as intended on August 6."

The report, translated by Mad Man's Cafe, notes that bids for Index's assets will start as soon as next week. Industry analysts expect settlements to reach a total of 15 billion yen ($149.9 million). Index will be delisted from the Japanese stock market on July 28, and operation sales will wrap up in September.

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