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Battlestar Galactica producer/writer working with God of War dev

Jordan Mallory

Michael Angeli, who co-executive produced 40 episodes of SciFi's Battlestar Galactica (in addition to having written seven of those episodes) is working on a new something-or-other with Sony Santa Monica, Polygon reports. The announcement was made by Angeli during yesterday's Battlestar Galactica panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Angeli told Polygon that he has been writing on the project for over two years, and that the game is a new property unrelated to Sony Santa Monica's God of War series. He also said that Battestar Galactica's presence on his resume was a factor in his being hired for the project. Whether that is indicative of the game having a sci-fi slant remains to be seen; we'd hire a Battlestar Galactica writer to helm pretty much anything.

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