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RIFT kicks off Summerfest on July 25th

Eliot Lefebvre

It's getting hot out there. Like, really hot. Hot enough to melt plastic, even. But as long as you've got air conditioning in your house, why not stay inside and get in the spirit of summer fun with RIFT's Summerfest? It's all the fun of relaxing in the sun without the heat, risk of sunstroke, or potential for melanoma! (Please note that without air conditioning your computer will heat up your room until you burst into flames, probably.)

This year, Summerfest starts on Thursday, July 25th, and brings with it a whole host of new achievements. It's also probably going to contain other treats aside from the normal seasonal events; statements from community managers imply that this year will finally see the inclusion of swimsuits, quite possibly in the cash shop. Even if you're not the sort to enjoy summer fun, you can still enjoy the event when it goes to the live servers late next week.

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