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Super Joystiq Podcast 058: The Bureau, NCAA Football woes, E3 & indies


This week's Super Joystiq Podcast has banana hands.

It may be the slow season for big releases, but there is no shortage of smaller games worth playing. Xav, Ludwig, Alexander, and Mike kick off the show with a look forward to Rayman Legends, and share impressions on Rogue Legacy, Deus Ex: The Fall, and Breach & Clear.

Also on tap this week: a lengthy discussion on the troubled state of EA's NCAA football franchise, Ludwig's preview of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and how indie developers approach E3, other trade shows, and the costs involved.

Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast: Details and relevant links are available after the break.

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Show Breakdown
Hosts: Xav (@Xav), Ludwig (@LudwigK), Alexander (@Sliwinski), Mike (@mikesuszek)
  • 00:00:00 - 00:36:02 // Rayman Legends, Breach & Clear, Deus Ex: The Fall
  • 00:36:03 - 00:55:39 // The state of NCAA football
  • 00:55:40 - 01:12:34 // The Bureau: Xcom Declassified
  • 01:12:35 - 01:39:52 // Indies and trade show costs
  • 01:39:53 - 01:43:15 // Wrap-up & outtake
Theme Music: Satsuma Audio and Whitaker Blackall – "A Basstastic Undertaking"
Segment Bumpers: Jordan Mallory

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