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The Repopulation gives an overview of its siege system


That's a mighty fine city you have on your hands -- mind if we take it from you? If you're part of a heavily armed group in The Repopulation, you might be able to say this. Doing it, however, is another thing entirely. That's why Above & Beyond has created an intricate siege system to allow players to assault and protect towns.

The team said that it was quite mindful of typical tactics like zerging and 3:00 a.m. takeovers when it designed the system. Sieges have a cost assigned to them that goes above just a body count and will take place over three days to allow both the attackers and defenders adequate time to rally to their cause. There are also emergency energy shields and siege weapons to consider as well.

The official site has an overview and sample timeline of a proposed siege, so check it out and see if this might be the next evolution of PvP battles.

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