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Tomb Raider comic book announced, may bridge to next game

Comic book veteran Gail Simone is working with publisher Dark Horse on a continuation of the Tomb Raider reboot. Kotaku reports Simone expects the series' narrative will pick up mere weeks after the first game's events and may lead directly into a sequel of this year's well-received game.

"In continuity, it will be Tomb Raider canon, and lead DIRECTLY into the sequel," Simone said. "This is what got me excited; we get to be part of Lara Croft history."

Simone, a long-time fan of the Lara Croft franchise, says the core difference between her series and the reboot will lie in Lara's surroundings.

"The storytelling in the game hooked me instantly," Simone said. "The biggest difference is, the game told a claustrophobic story in an isolated setting. We are going globetrotting."

Although Simone was a fan of the action-oriented character portrayed in the original Tomb Raider games, she's still fond of the character's new-found depth.

"The way I see Lara now is, she's not after treasure," Simone said. "She's not really after thrills. She's a questioner, she's an explorer. She wants answers."

Simone research's for the project involved contacting Rhianna Pratchett, lead writer for the Tomb Raider reboot. Simone cites Rhianna as a friend and the duo is now collaborating on a mini-series involving comic-character Red Sonja. Simone's Tomb Raider comic series is scheduled for release on February 26, 2014.

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