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Breakfast Topic: Do you follow competitive WoW?


Just because World of Warcraft doesn't have its own tab on Major League Gaming (MLG) doesn't mean there's no such thing as competitive WoW. While relatively few WoW players crack into competitive arena PvP and the game's not currently part of the e-sports circuit, WoW Insider's interview with Venruki, a member of last year's World Championship champion 3v3 team, reveals a world of devoted players with intense focus.

But do other players care? A post about competitive gaming on Blizzard's official forums reveals that plenty of them do. The thread has become a highly rated post with enthusiastic player feedback. Whether or not the game will receive tweaks to help it become a compelling e-sport that attracts viewers, however, remains to be seen.

Do you follow competitive WoW? Do you read with curiosity when you spot something about WoW as an e-sport, or does the topic leave you cold?

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