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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is passing the torch


It seems customary to announce one's departure from the Webcomic Wrapup. May 26, 2012 feels like it was just yesterday (mostly because I just used a time machine yesterday, so it was May 26, 2012 for me). I have to say, we've done a lot together, Wrapup Wreaders.

We ate pretty much all the burritos once, and attempted to crush our backlogs through Four in February (I promise I'll do better next year!). We picked our fantasy football teams and reflected on our favorite Halloween costumes. These were all good times, and I was always happy to deliver the webcomics to you weekly, but alas, the party has to end eventually.

You'll see a new name around these parts: Thomas Schulenberg, Joystiq's new Weekend Editor. Be good to him, and he'll certainly take the Wrapup to heights greater than I could have ever hoped to achieve. While we all gather for one final group hug, check out last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break!

Corrugated Stealth (The Gamercat)
Pokepocalype (MisterHipp)
Transaction-Packed Adventure (Awkward Zombie)
Fiery Fumble (Hejibits)
Nightmare Pokemon Fusions (Dorkly)
Leap of Faith (Corpse Run)
I Scream (Ready Soup)


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