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Capcom collaborating with Treasure on Gaist Crusher

Capcom's 3D, action-oriented game connected to its cross-media Gaist Crusher efforts will be a collaboration with Sin and Punishment 2 developer Treasure, their website revealed today, as translated by Siliconera. Gaist Crusher is scheduled for release on the 3DS in Japan this winter.

Gaist Crusher's futuristic setting follows the world's discovery of Gaimetals, a type of high-energy metal. Gaimetal-plated monsters called Gaists appear shortly after the resource's discovery and promptly do their best to destroy all of mankind. In retaliation, the world's leading scientists launch the "Gaist Crusher Garrison," a program that directs a four-pack of Saturday morning cartoon heroes through their efforts to save the world.

Gaist Crusher will include both co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes. A real-world Gai Metal replica can also be placed upon the 3DS to grant rare and exclusive items. The game's first trailer shows footage of each protagonist in battle and offers a glimpse of Gaist Gear's anime.

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