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Do you play multiple characters of the same class?


I'm currently at work on an interview with a player who has a complete account's worth of characters all up to last expansion's level cap –- that's right, five realms' worth of 85s. (Keep your eye on 15 Minutes of Fame to read the upcoming interview.) I can understand why he might have found multiple iterations of a class he enjoys to be a valuable strategy in filling up those empty character slots with easily leveled characters. But what about the rest of us?

After a recent foray into the art of warlockery, I've turned back for the most part to my usual assortment of priests. I have Alliance priests and Horde priests, soloists and raiders, priests made to serve as partners in crime and priests made to dally about with during breaks from other action. I've made at least a serious attempt at most of the other classes (sorry, hunters, I'm just not feeling it), but the priest vibe is just where it's at for me in World of Warcraft. Then there are players like illustrious warrior Matt Rossi who seem to have a version of their favored class in every race, spec, and flavor. Of course, most WoW Insider staffers who write about a specific class have multiple iterations of that class in their lineup, with I believe a few exceptions.

How many of you also play multiple versions of the same class? How many iterations of your favored class do you have? What sort of variety do you throw in there: faction, race, spec?

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