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Motorola Droid Ultra Limited Edition leaks, touts a go-faster racing stripe


If you think a red version of the rumored Droid Ultra just wouldn't be special enough, you're in luck. Frequent Motorola device leaker Houdabao claims to have photos of a Limited Edition model that would include a wrap-around racing stripe, much like a decked out muscle car. Unfortunately, there isn't much more to share. While Houdabao echoes talk of the Droid Ultra sporting a 5-inch LCD and a 6mm thick body, he doesn't outline the Limited Edition's full feature set. There's also no mention of its intended audience -- it may be only for Verizon staff, like the red Droid RAZR. Should the special-run Droid Ultra reach the public, though, there's a chance we'll learn more about it tomorrow. Check out a second photo of the Limited Edition after the break.

Motorola Droid Ultra Limited Edition leaks, touts a gofaster racing stripe

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