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The most obnoxious iPhone accessories available on Etsy


Since its launch in 2005 Etsy has gone from a curious virtual art shop to a massive marketplace featuring just about any kind of handmade product you can think of. But it's not just trinkets and paintings that line Etsy's shelves -- the site is also home to a bounty of one-of-a-kind iPhone accessories as well, ranging from useful to ridiculous. Here are some of the finest (read: craziest) examples of "custom" iPhone gear the site has to offer.

Cowboy Hat iPhone Dock

The most obnoxious iPhone 'accessories' available on Etsy

Sure, you already have a sleek and sexy iPhone dock on your nightstand, but maybe it just doesn't have enough western flavor for your tastes. This custom dock, which lets you plug your iPhone into the top of a cowboy hat, should definitely do the trick! Yeehaw!

Price: US$69 (link)

Furry iPhone case with ears and a tail

The most obnoxious iPhone 'accessories' available on Etsy

When I'm looking for an iPhone case, I do my best to find one that is as thin as possible while still providing a reasonable amount of protection. For others, though, phone cases are less about function and more about form -- feline form, to be precise. There's not much to say about these furry phone protectors other than "wow."

Price: $14 (link)

Home Button Bow Tie

The most obnoxious iPhone 'accessories' available on Etsy

If you find yourself getting invited to black tie gatherings on a regular basis and are a bit nervous that your rather casual iPhone just isn't impressing your upper-class associates, this home button bow tie may do the trick. Just don't let on that the sparkling bling is made of simple crystals rather than diamonds, or you might end up dining at McDonalds instead of the country club.

Price: $2.99 (link)

Glow-in-the-dark Charger

The most obnoxious iPhone 'accessories' available on Etsy

Ok, I'll bite: A glow-in-the-dark phone charger is actually a pretty cool idea. I can't tell you how many times I've had to feel around the base of my nightstand in the dark in a feeble attempt to find my iPhone charger, and the claimed 12-hour glow time of the stickers applied to these plugs and cords sounds like the remedy I didn't know I needed.

Price: $20 (link)

Gramophone Speaker System

The most obnoxious iPhone 'accessories' available on Etsy

The iPhone isn't exactly known for its ability to pump out high-quality audio via its built-in speakers, but if you plug it into a massive gramophone-style speaker, it just might surprise you. This totally acoustic speaker accessory promises to boost your iPhone audio many times over, filling the room with sound without the need for electronic amplification.

Price: $525 (link)

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