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Chainsaw Warrior coming to Mac, iOS this year


Originally published by Games Workshop and designed by Stephen Hand, Chainsaw Warrior was released as a one-player action/adventure board game back in 1987.

And now, Auroch Digital is bringing the game to the Mac and iOS later this year. Auroch Digital hopes to have the iOS version completed by the end of summer with a Mac version slated for completion sometime after that. Pricing has yet to be determined.

The game puts the player into the combat-boots of the eponymous Chainsaw Warrior – a former special-forces solider who has been cybernetically modified by the military to undertake the most dangerous covert missions. Having quit black-ops missions some time ago he has now received emergency call-up request as the last hope for a city on the brink of destruction. In the game, New York has only an hour left to live! A rare and strange phenomena known as 'spatial warping' has resulted in a dimensional breach from our world into a nightmare space beyond, though which have poured legions of zombies and mutants. This particular spatial warp is believed to be controlled by a singular power, known as Darkness. Experts believe that the creatures may be defending the dimensional breach whilst Darkness completes its plans to pull the city though into the beyond.

What options remain? Air strikes have failed, incursions by troops have failed, nerve gas bombs have failed. All that is left is one man, enhanced to survive in extreme conditions, yet facing almost overwhelming odds....

Certainly intriguing, and I can't help but read the app description and think I'm reading a spec script for a Nicolas Cage movie.

Lastly, here's what the original board game looked like.

Chainsaw Warrior coming to Mac, iOS this year

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