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Limited edition MechWarrior Online mech benefits cancer research

Jordan Mallory

MechWarrior Online has a new premium mech available for download, and rather than touting its movement speed or the number of lasers mounted to its side, developer Piranha Games wants everyone to know about its greater purpose: cancer research.

"Sarah's Jenner" is a limited edition JR7-D variant, built in honor of five-year-old MechWarrior Sarah Marie Alida Parries, who passed from inoperable brain cancer last May. The mech is available for $10, with 100 percent of proceeds earned donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Players with a fully-stocked MechBay won't have to worry about buying more garage space, as Sarah's Jenner will come with its own private housing when implemented on August 23.

MechWarriors who wish to donate more than $10 are encouraged to send their monetary overflow to any of the charities listed on the promotion's FAQ.

[Thanks, Chris!]

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