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LocoCycle's music is dead serious, won't include a 'silly song'


LocoCycle may continue developer Twisted Pixel's tradition of ridiculous premises – a sentient motorcycle on the run, in this case – but it will be following some very different musical cues. For the Xbox One launch game, Twisted Pixel's longtime composer Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney has switched up his typically humorous style for a dead serious, fully orchestrated score. Twisted Pixel CCO Josh Bear wanted to "approach the soundtrack from a very cinematic standpoint for this game," Chaney tells Joystiq. "You know, give it a Back to the Future Alan Silvestri treatment. Big themes and lush instrumentation with tons of dynamics." To create this feeling, Chaney worked directly with the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

"I was terrified that I'd show up in Prague and the musicians would look at the sheet music and then up to me and just be like 'What the fuck is this shit?'" Chaney admits. "I mean, I had never written for a bassoon before. I wrote a part for the double bass section in a track that I particularly liked, and it was pretty awesome to look over at them and see the huge smiles on their faces while they were performing."

Don't expect any spiritual successors to comedic songs like "Donuts, Go Nuts" either. "For the first time since 'Splosion Man, I've made a game devoid of goofy music. It just didn't feel like it was needed in this situation, and I didn't want to shoehorn something in just for the sake of having a silly song."

For more on LocoCycle and Twisted Pixel's speeding jump to the next generation, be sure to read our recent preview.

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