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Molten Games picks up NCsoft funding, former Blizzard and SOE execs

Jef Reahard

NCSoft and Molten Games want you to know about... Molten Games. What is Molten Games? It's a new San Diego-based company that says it's "focused on breaking free from the traditional developer/publisher relationship and putting gameplay first and foremost."

That's nice, we hear some of you saying, but why should you care? According to Molten, you should care for two reasons. Number one, the firm has secured a multi-million dollar investment nest egg from NCSoft. Reason number two, or more accurately, reasons two, three, and four, are team members Paul Della Bitta, former global head of e-sports and community at Blizzard, Jungwon Hahn, former head of Blizzard's Korean office, and Blaine Smith, former senior producer at SOE and a veteran of Relic's Company of Heroes and Dawn of War franchises.

So, there you go. Molten says it will release information pertaining to its first online game "at a later date."

[Source: Molten press release]

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