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Nike+ Running update for iOS introduces Nike+Challenges


Nike today rolled out an interesting update to its Nike+ Running app for iOS. The app update introduces social challenges into the mix, enabling runners to invite friends to run and compete in an old-fashioned race.

Dubbed Nike+ Challenges, the feature also lets runners communicate with each other mid-race via group chats. This is a great way for racing runners to talk a little trash or deliver words of encouragement and inspiration.

Naturally, the feature monitors everyone's progress and encourages friendly competition through leaderboards and medals. Users can put together one-off races or see who can hit 100 miles the quickest.

The full changelog reads:

Ready to take on your friends? With Nike+ Challenges, you'll compete with your friends and motivate each other to go farther and faster than ever before. Track your progress, top the leaderboard, and snag a medal. Every run counts.
• Choose a distance and invite your Nike+ friends.
• Keep track of who's in the lead and stay motivated through group chats.
• Finish a Challenge before your friends and take home a medal. We'll leave the bragging rights to you.

Unfortunately, not everyone was born with the "running" gene, and sometimes those of us who lack the motivation to lace up and hit the pavement just need a little bit of encouragement or the prospect of a friendly challenge to get some exercise in. The updated Nike+ Running app seems to do just that.

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