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Apple adds page to Chinese website showing how to recognize genuine power adapters


Last week, TUAW reported on the case of Ma Aliun, a 23-year-old Chinese flight attendant who was apparently electrocuted while answering her iPhone -- which was attached to what may have been a knockoff iPhone charger. Apple has now added a page to its Chinese website showing iPhone and iPad users how to identify a genuine Apple power adapter.

The page talks about Apple's "stringent safety and reliability testing," then recommends that owners use the genuine article:

This overview will help you identify genuine Apple USB power adapters. When you need to charge the iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you use the supplied USB power adapter and USB cable. These adapters and cables are also available separately from Apple and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Apple most likely published the page to satisfy the Chinese government, which would probably be critical of any statement blaming a knockoff charger for the death of one of its citizens -- especially when the knockoff was most likely manufactured in China. The page will be of limited usefulness, since most counterfeit equipment is hard to distinguish from the real deal.

[via 9to5Mac]

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