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Are you an iOS developer eyeing the Chromecast? You better ask permission first


Yesterday's announcement of Google's new Chromecast accessory could mean big things for iOS developers who want to throw their content on to the big screen without worrying about wires, but tucked away in Google's developer portal is a rather interesting note regarding the Google Cast API required to make an app compatible with the new device:

You may not publicly distribute or ship your Google Cast application without written permission from Google, per the terms of service described below.

This opaque requirement for Chromecast-enabled apps stands in stark contrast to Google's much more lax approach to open app development, and it's not particularly clear what type of content Google is hoping to filter out.

If you happen to be working on making your own iOS app play nice with Chromecast, you'll want to get in touch with Google at

Note: Google has since updated the Google Cast Downloads page to include notes regarding the Google Cask SDK, stating that the current version available for download is strictly for developmental purposes only. This may or may not explain the requirement that developers clear all apps with Google before moving forward. We've reached out to Google for clarification and will update if/when we hear back.

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