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Ashton Kutcher discusses playing Steve Jobs with Jay Leno


Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote his upcoming film JOBS, Ashton Kutcher talked about what prompted him to take on the role of Steve Jobs while also expressing regret for not meeting the Apple co-founder when he had a chance.

A transcript of the video is below. Incidentally, the few clips I've seen of Kutcher as Jobs are rather impressive.

I had an opportunity to meet him about 6 months before he passed away. I was working that day and couldn't go. In hindsight, I had the opportunity to meet the Leonardo da Vinci of our generation and I missed it. That really affected my decision to take on the role.

It was actually the day that he died... for me, I hear people talk about they knew where they were the day Kennedy died. And for me, I'll never forget the moment I heard that he died. And I pulled my car to the side of the road, and kind of took a moment. I got home and I realized, I sat down on my computer and started doing some work and I realized all the relationships I have in my life are held together by glue that he laid down.

And all the work that I do, in whatever capacity that I do it, and all the entertainment I consume.. here I have my Apple computer and my iPhone... all these things, and I realized that I had taken him for granted, and taken for granted the contributions he actually gave to society.

And I actually had a real emotional moment that day. I actually reached out to a couple of my friends. I do a lot of work in the tech venture space, and they had the same response. So when I got offered the role, I wanted to ensure that his legacy was told from someone who admired him.

JOBS will hit nationwide theaters on August 16th.

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