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Neil Gaiman enters gaming space with 'Wayward Manor'

Jordan Mallory

Wayward Manor is the first game from acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, whose resume includes classics such as American Gods, The Sandman and Coraline, in addition to a myriad of other dark, whimsical sundries. Expected in the fall of this year on PC, Mac and "tablets," the game is being produced in conjunction with The Odd Gentlemen, a developer Gaiman chose for its ability to balance the cartoonish and the macabre.

While no gameplay footage is shown in the introduction trailer, Gaiman does lay down Wayward Manor's premise: There is a house in 1920's New England, and it is the player's responsibility as its deceased occupant to frighten the Manor's new, still living tenants away.

Pre-orders both physical and digital are available on the game's official site, in addition to various merchandise, tickets to Wayward Manor's launch party and a $10,000 dinner with Gaiman, which he describes as "the single spookiest dinner anybody has ever had ... in Los Angeles."

We're keeping our fingers crossed for some heavy Amanda Palmer involvement in the game's soundtrack.

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