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Ridiculous Fishing brings a knife to a gill fight


Absurd angling becomes just a tad more convenient in a new update for Ridiculous Fishing (iOS), which adds – among other things – a way to cut your line and restart an attempt instantly. Equip the new knife item, available via the in-game store, if you'd rather not wait for the hook to return after a botched descent.

This being Ridiculous Fishing, the knife is not suitable for slashing open your aquatic acquisitions – far too sensible for the game's floating, gun-toting maniac who tosses his asphyxiated prey into the air, shoots them to shreds, and then stands in a revolting rain of fishy entrails.

Beyond introducing a $7,000 single-purpose knife, developer Vlambeer has also corrected some bugs (you can now re-equip the Swiss Lure), tossed some extra fishy friends into the Maelstrom environment, and enabled the use of your iThing's music during gameplay. You can't go wrong with Nightwish here – they're Finnish.

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