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TERA introduces tasty new weapon skins


TERA fans, have you ever been squaring off against a big-ass monster and found yourself thinking, "Man, it sure would be great if I could beat the stuffing out of this guy with a plate of salmon nigiri?" If so, you're either crazy hungry or just plain crazy, but that's fine because the folks at En Masse Entertainment have you covered.

That's right, the latest addition to TERA's cash shop is a new set of weapon skins themed around a variety of delightful epicurean treats. The weapon skins range from the barely logical, such as a swordfish that replaces the Slayer's greatsword, to the completely absurd, like the Archer's new bow which has been haphazardly constructed with some bananas and a slice of watermelon. If you wanna check out all the ridiculous new offerings for yourself, just head on over to the game's official site. But take our advice and don't do it on an empty stomach.

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