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All 640,000 kids in Los Angeles school district to get iPads


Last month, the LA Times reported that the city was using US$30 million to provide 35,000 iPads to students in 47 school districts. A new report today from CITEWorld confirms that this initial deployment is only the first phase of a larger program that'll provide iPads to every student in the nation's second largest school district.

As part of the larger plan, the Los Angeles Unified School District will hand out iPads to all 640,000 students by the end of 2014. The first rollout of the tablets is being funded by taxpayer dollars, but Mark Hovatter, chief facilities executive for the LAUSD, expects to find additional funding for the rest of the plan. "We're hoping that will get a lot of private donors," Hovatter told CITEworld.

This is good news for Apple as it brings in a large educational contract for the Cupertino company and exposes a younger generation to the iOS platform.

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