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Canabalt and Aquaria devs sign their names in 'Grave'


"So far, GRAVE doesn't really fit in any existing genre that I know of," writes Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman. "If you're fond of stretched metaphors, you might say that It's sort of like Farmville meets StarCraft, or maybe Super Crate Box meets Desktop Dungeons. Anyways, we're still exploring the possibilities, so I don't want to say too much. For now let's just call it 'an arcade game' and we'll get into more detail as we go!"

Alright then: Grave is a new "arcade game" made notable, for the time being, by the pedigree behind it. Adam Saltsman, the Texas-based creator of Canabalt and the numerically/spherically infuriating Hundreds, is handling art and design ("mostly"), while the co-developer of the award-winning Aquaria, Alec Holowka, is heading up programming and sound (also "mostly").

Today marks the debut of the pair's upbeat Grave Tumblr, which will explore and divulge the game's construction little by little every Friday. Beyond music and art, Saltsman and Holowka will also be posting about the design problems they encounter. Designers and players might learn a thing or two, and (sorry sorry sorry) leave wise from their Grave.

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