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Turn your iPhone into a multitool for the ultimate survival accessory


Having a mobile phone with you at all times is a great tool for communication, but sometimes you might need a tool in a more literal sense. Enter the TaskOne iPhone case, a protective cover that is designed to not only protect a handset in the case of a fall but also provide a litany of handy accessories should you ever find yourself in need.

The TaskOne houses a total of 22 different tools including screwdrivers, a knife, wirecutters, a bottle opener, and several others. Of course, you'd never want to attempt to board a plane with the case strapped to your smartphone, but other than that it seems like it could come in handy - plus, an iPhone with a giant blade sticking out of the top is kind of cool looking on its own.

Unfortunately, the cost of rolling like MacGyver isn't cheap, and the TaskOne will set you back a cool $100. Still, there are probably worse ways to blow a Benjamin.

[Via PSFK]

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