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Around Azeroth: Fishburger! Fishburger! No Coke, Pepsi!


Get it? Get it? No? People these days, I swear, they've got no respect for classic Saturday Night Live skits that weren't really that funny in the first place. I bet you would have gotten it if I'd made an Amy's Baking Company reference. Anyway, mega-submitter Arugadh of The Brotherhood of Iron on Wyrmrest Accord (US-A) is back, but first she has an update on her last screenshot. "I'm really not on the run from angry slathering orcs because of that last pic I sent, really ... why are you jotting down my IP information?" she writes. "Anyway, here we have two identical gnome twins, getting ready to throw down in a battle to the death over what is really in the Azerothian equivalent of cheeseburgers, overseen by a goblin lady that alone knows the secret. They really are strapped for things to do out in Thousand Needles."

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