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Amazon game deals round up Dishonored, Skyrim and more


Dishonored and Skyrim: The Legendary Edition are co-headling the latest video game deals over on Amazon, each available for a limited time at a reduced price of $20 and $40, respectively. The Wii U version of Criterion's latest, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, is on sale for under $20 on Wii U, and down to $30 on other platforms.

Other notable game deals include Epic Mickey 2 for between $20 and $25 across multiple platforms, Saints Row: The Third for $25 and under, Zone of the Enders HD Collection for less than $25 and the Mass Effect Trilogy for $35 on Xbox 360. There are also hardware deals up for consideration: DualShock 3 controllers are $40; one year Xbox Live Gold subscription cards are $46; and other Xbox 360 accessories are all on sale.

If you feel like donning your savings spectacles, you can dive into the deals over on Amazon right now.

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