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Massive update coming to AIKA Online in August

MJ Guthrie

Is your summer filled with the same old, same old? It's not for AIKA Online fans as August will see a big update hit the game. Called Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing, this giant patch includes plenty of new content and features, including a level cap increase to 90 (with accompanying new equipment, of course), new skills, a new dungeon, and more.

A new skill will be unlocked for each job class when player hits level 85, but to get the new Heavenly Set equipment, players will have to utilize the new Disassembly System and acquire the materials by taking apart level 80 unique equipment. The new Hell Mode dungeon -- Kynari Aviary -- is located in the new Land of Wailing map, where monsters range in level from 90-95. Players can enter Kynari Aviary daily for a chance to challenge the powerful boss Seridunn.

Prans also get some update love: Not only do they get skill improvements, but with the Property Change feature, they also have wider customization options.

[Source: Redbana press release]

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