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Citizen plans crowdfunded takeover of Canadian carrier, raises a couple hundred

Sharif Sakr

You'd think a carrier takeover funded by the proletariat would have to be hostile, right? Heck, no. Canadian Valya Michael loves Mobilicity, all the way from its headquarters down to its little cell towers, and he fears a serious loss of commercial competition if the embattled company should fail. So he's started a $400,000,000 campaign (in the northern currency, that is) to buy it out, clear its debts and invest in better coverage and customer service. We have no idea what Indiegogo, Mobilicity or the telecoms regulator will do if the funding target is achieved, but they all have plenty of time to draft a response seeing as the current total stands at $213. Meanwhile, the fate of that other big Indiegogo project seems almost as uncertain.

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