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'Puzzle and Dragons' pushes GungHo sales to $763 million through June


GungHo sales from January to June 2013 were $763 million, up 946 percent year-over-year, Dr. Serkan Toto translates from the company's financial report. Its net income during the period was $287 million, up 2,609 percent from 2012. Between April and June alone, GungHo brought in $4.9 million a day in sales, for a net income of $161 million.

GungHo's main source of all this magical cash is Puzzle & Dragons, a mobile RPG puzzler. Sales from Puzzle & Dragons tallied $113 million in April, earning $3.76 million daily. The game currently has 17 million players in Japan.

GungHo operates other games, too, and it expects overall July sales to hit "just" $138 million, bringing the daily average to $4.5 million per day, down from the April - June average of $4.9 million. Puzzle & Dragons is on its way to 3DS in Japan this winter, and it should hit the UK and Australia this year for mobile platforms.

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