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Excalibur takes Arthurian action to mobile devices


Claiming to be the world's first mobile sidescrolling MMO, Excalibur is obviously hoping that Guinness Book of World Records will be calling soon, although it might have to wait until the title actually releases. R2Games is preparing to unleash the title on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Excalibur puts players in the role of a Knight, Wizard, Archer, or Assassin and tasks them to kill all the things. While it looks like a standard button-masher on the surface, R2Games claims that it's got many of the deeper MMO features that players have come to expect. These include a gear enhancement system, a buff system based on the zodiac, a guild system, co-op play, and other customization options.

We've got the trailer for Excalibur after the jump, so give it a look and see if the knight life is right for you.

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