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Last Week in WoW: I still want High Elves edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. Ghostcrawler was busy this week. He gave a few interviews to Asian sites this past week. Including this interview from Korea and this from website Chinajoy. The Chinajoy interview really blew up because it seemed to hint a new support class and playable naga, as well as new areas we might visit in the next expansion. Of course, naga weren't really confirmed, but it's still the tidbit that most intrigued me. Playing a snake person might be fun, but I admit, naga are 3rd for me being high elves and ethereals. Yes, I know high elves would just be blue-eyed blood elves. I don't care. Just give the horde Eredar and make them red-skinned draenei, and we're even.

Downtime today is slated to start at 3 a.m. PDT and last 8 hours. Luckily, with patch 5.4 still on the PTR, we have plenty of news to keep you busy while you wait. Read on for the usual roundup.

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