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Patch 5.4 PTR Patch notes for July 29


The latest batch of Patch 5.4 PTR Patch notes has landed, and brought with it some relatively in-depth class tweaks. The playability of the PTR right now, along with these smaller changes makes me wonder how far along the 5.4 testing schedule we are, as it seems to be progressing nicely. When do you anticipate patch 5.4 releasing?

Highlights of the patch notes include another shaman talent revamp, this time taking away our much-loved totemic restoration to replace it with a talent that allows us to place two totems of the same school at once, and the latest alteration seems to imply that it can apply to more than one fire totem. Hit the break for the full notes!

Death Knight

• Unholy Presence now grants a flat 10% Haste to all things, up from Haste for melee (attack speed and Rune regeneration) only. The movement speed buff remains unchanged.
• Fixed a bug that caused Improved Blood Presence and Runic Corruption to incorrectly increase activation rates of some trinkets and effects.
• Ghoul's Leap and Gnaw abilities are no longer on a global cooldown, and no longer cost Energy.


• Glaive Toss no longer initiates auto-attack.
• New Major Glyphs
• Glyph of Enduring Deceit: Camouflage also reduces spell damage taken by 10%


• Rune of Power now has an increased effective range. The Mage can remain up to 8 yards away from their Rune of Power and still receive benefits to mana regeneration and spell damage (up from 3 yards).


• Fixed a bug that caused the damage of some abilities for Brewmasters with Vengeance to scale incorrectly.


• Judgment for Holy Paladins now costs 12% of base mana to cast (up from 5% of base mana).
• Sacred Shield for Holy Paladins can now be active on more than one target at a time, but the talent now costs mana, and has 3 charges with a 10-second recharge.cooldown.


• Psyfiend health has been reduced by 75%, but fixed a bug where Psyfiend wasn't being affected by base Resilience.


• Totemic Restoration has been replaced with a new talent, Totemic Persistence.
• New talent: Totemic Persistence. Summoning a second totem of the same element no longer causes the first totem to be destroyed. Only one non-Fire totem can benefit from this effect at a time.


• General
• Demonic Gateway are no longer attackable once more. The debuff from using a Demonic Gateway has been increased to 60 seconds (up from 15 seconds).
• The Codex of Xerrath now infuses additional spells with fel magic (green fire effect).
• Summon Felsteed, Summon Dreadsteed, Summon Abyssal, Demonic Fury, Dark Apotheosis, and Demonic Leap.
• Drain Soul no longer energizes Soul Shards from the pets and guardians of players, and now deals 40% less damage. If other periodic Affliction damage effects are triggered by Drain Soul, they now deal 60% of their normal damage (down from 100%).
• Haunt now deals 50% more damage, and increases damage done by all of the Warlock's damage-over-time other spells against the target by 45%.
• Grimoire of Sacrifice no longer affects Drain Life.
• For Affliction Warlocks, Grimoire of Sacrifice now increases the power of various single target spells by 20% (down from 30%).
Class Armor
• Warlock Tier-14 4-piece set bonus now reduces the cooldown of Unending Resolve by 20 seconds. increases all damage dealt by the Warlock by 10% while Dark Soul is active.


• Indomitable Primal Diamond's chance for the meta-gem effect to activate is no longer affected by the wearer's haste. Additionally, the chance to activate the effect has been increased by 50%.
• [PTR]: For testing purposes, Glyphataur, Ph.D (He's a doctor!) will be available near the Alliance/Horde shrines in Vale of Eternal Blossoms selling new glyphs.

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