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Pokemon Tretta Lab makes mini arcades of Japanese 3DS consoles


Pokemon Tretta Lab turns the Japanese arcade machine, Pokemon Tretta, into a handheld game by slapping a wrap-around, plastic apparatus on the 3DS or 3DS XL. Pokemon Tretta Lab, like its arcade predecessor, has players collect physical discs – called "Tretta" – that the peripheral holds and scans into the game.

Tretta Lab uses the same discs as the arcade game, and the retail version will include Mewtwo, Eevee and Lucario Tretta. Trettas? Tretti? ... Tretta. Pre-orders will also receive the Pichu Tretta, Siliconera reports.

Tretta Lab launches on August 10 in Japan for 3,800 yen, or $38.75.

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