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Image credit: gets a slew of photo and sharing upgrades

Brian Heater

Just about a week after rolling out offline file access, Microsoft's file hosting service is getting a number of updates. This time the features are rolling out to, starting with support for devices with high DPI. The site will detect and match photos and thumbnails to the resolution of your display. Also on the docket is photo rotation and the ever-important ability to view animated GIFs in their full stop motion glory. There are also a couple of updates on the sharing side of things, including the ability to share individual groups of files from anywhere in your account, while a new shared view shows files you've shared at the top and stuff that's shared with you below. Oh, and when you send someone a document now, recipients can edit it without having to sign in. All of those upgrades and more can be checked out in further detail at the source link below.

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