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It came from the Blog: Occupy Orgrimmar snapshots


Last Friday, It came from the Blog participated in Occupy Orgrimmar, protesting Garrosh's treatment of the trolls. It was a peaceful protest. After all, we're all still patriots. For the Horde! But we did our part to support the troll community.

All of the trolls met in Sen'jin Village. Then we marched to Razor Hill and onward to Orgrimmar. We went straight to Grommash Hold and sat in Garrosh's chambers for a while. Protesta, my troll, made a speech showing solidarity with our fellow trolls.

We then went to the troll area near the goblin slums and marched around from store to store, voicing our opinions about the Kor'kron presence there. Unfortunately, we saw one peaceful, but loud, loyalist shot down right in front of us.

After we had a sit-in for a while, we marched to the Crossroads, (Stay on the road! Protect the lowbies!) where more Kor'kron activity was happening nearby. We then met back at Sen'jin village to finish our protest.

No, we don't think we made any difference in the treatment of our fellow trolls, but perhaps we left them a little stronger while they must endure their current predicament.

We have events monthly, so keep an eye out for the announcement of August's event. The snapshots for this event are below.

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