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Are your characters truly ever "done" with WoW?


Ding! It's a wonderful sound and feeling, but what does it means to your current character? Whether you're leveling, gearing up to do LFR, running LFR, pushing through raid content with your guild, or something else, you probably have some idea of what "mission accomplished" means to your character. Many players play different characters with different goals -– the LFR raider who wants to see all the sights, the new-to-them class they want to see all the way to level 90, the worker bee who does nothing but gather crafting materials ...

So what do you do when your character finally wraps up all that hard work? Do you move the goal posts and set a new mission? Drop that character and make a fresh alt? Do you take a break from the game altogether? Is a character ever truly "done" for you, or do you keep playing your favorites even when there's not much left he or she hasn't tried?

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