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BearExtender has two new WiFi signal extenders for your Apple laptop


Stop worrying: BearExtender is not in the business of enabling the bear population, but rather WiFi signal strengthening. The company's two latest products -- the BearExtender 1200 and BearExtender Turbo (how's that for a name?) -- offer that service in two different flavors. The 1200 is a much stronger version of the company's previously released BearExtender, adding "70 percent more power" to signal boosting, while the Turbo is specifically designed to bring 802.11ac functionality to Macs. Both arrive this fall, with the 1200 ($50) landing in mid-August and the Turbo (not priced yet) available in October. Again, neither is designed to extend the reach of murderous bears, nor is the Turbo designed to speed up said murderous bears. That said, it's best to keep an eye out and stay vigilant.

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