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BearExtender offers two new WiFi signal extenders


There's nothing worse for an internet power user than a weak WiFi signal. Maybe a bear attack, but if you're safely near WiFi, bear attacks shouldn't be a problem. But thanks to BearExender's two new WiFi signal extenders, you can attack your weak WiFi signal problems with the metaphorical power of a bear.

There are two new options available, the BearExtender 1200 and BearExtender Turbo. The 1200 model is an improved version of the earlier BearExtender release and reportedly adds 70 percent more power to your signal boosting options, thanks to a new, high-gain 5 dBi antenna. It will set you back about US$50 when it arrives this fall. For users in need of a little 802.11ac functionality, the BearExtender Turbo will be the weapon of choice.

While the Turbo will also be hitting stores this autumn, no price has been announced for the add-on yet. If you often find yourself bemoaning a weak signal, or wishing you could throw your router to the bears, maybe you should consider picking up a BearExtender.

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