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Facebook for Android update to offer Cover Feed for your lockscreen, even if you don't have Home

Brad Molen

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Facebook Home almost seems like a distant memory at this point, but the company is cooking up new ways to bring some of Home's features to Android users who don't necessary want the full launcher experience on their phone, in addition to offering Home support on more devices. Today the main social networking app is getting an update in the Play Store to include Cover Feed, which was one of the most visible parts of the Home launcher. If you're so inclined, you can now use the feature as your lock screen without worrying about getting the full package on your device -- provided your particular gadget at least is capable of supporting Home. If you're not seeing it on your device yet, check in a little while -- Facebook tells us that it should start rolling out over the next few hours. However, if you're still curious to play around with the Home experience, Facebook also announced official support for new devices today, such as the Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S 4.

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