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Open-world fantasy RPG Balrum ventures to Kickstarter, shows off level editor


Developer Balcony Team recently pulled the curtains back on the "human friendly" world-building tool for its fantasy RPG, Balrum, in an update on its Kickstarter page. The developer won't guarantee mod support if the game is funded, but hopes to release a polished version of its tools after the game launches, providing funding goes well.

Balrum is an open-world fantasy RPG that has players build their homes, tend to their farms, explore the world of Balrum, join a guild and complete quests. Players will have access to over 100 spells and abilities and can craft custom items for use in Balrum's turn-based combat.

Balrum is currently sitting at $19,465 in funding with 14 days left in its campaign to reach its $50,000 goal.

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